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termitesTermites are small, soft insects that live in huge colonies and feed off wood. These bugs get their kicks on destroying the infrastructure of your home and will not quit until they are physically removed by professionals. What is also very frightening, is the rate at which they move from space to space. Termites can pick up and begin inhabiting a new area in a matter of days. Although this is a scary thought, the worst part is; they hide behind walls, pillars, and building material trying to eat their way out. If you are wondering at this point what the Termite treatment cost is, it might be a better idea to focus on how much it will cost to restructure your home!

With any new home purchase or especially when purchasing a used or foreclosed home, a Termite Inspection is an absolute must. This is not simply to “cover all the bases”. These inspections will in fact provide a safe-haven for you as a homeowner and will also give you the peace of mind that your home will not be eaten inside out by large quantities of Termites. Termites alone account for over $5 billion in damage to U.S. buildings according to a National Pest Management Association estimate. Nearly all realtors will suggest that a homebuyer should have a routine Termite Inspection done, as well as advise that preventative Termite control, or a Termite warranty, is necessary to ensure that your home NEVER gets overrun by Termites. We often get calls about what the Termite treatment cost is, but we also get a ton of inquiries as to how what the inspection consists of. As we understand how important preventative Termite control is to a home or building, we will answer both questions before this article is over.

To begin the inspection we first sit down with you to get your insight as to any obvious problems that you as the homeowner have spotted prior to our arrival. After we speak with you about your problem, we search the house top to bottom, leaving no crevice or crack free from inspection. We search high and low for any evidence of infestation upon entering the home and ensure that it will be left in the same condition as before we entered. IF you are seeking a property inspection for a real estate transaction, we provide a complimentary WDIIR (wood destroying insect infestation report) report as well. When we present this, we make sure that you understand every inch of the problem, what the Termite treatment cost is, and what time frame for project completon. Once we are invited back to clear the problem and do so 100% to your satisfaction, we also leave you with examples of how to help guard the home against re-infestation.

Now onto cost! Termite treatment cost can vary depending on size of the home, size of the infestation, and whether or not you currently have a Termite warranty. The Termite treatment can also vary in price depending on the type of the Termites inhabiting the home (Dry-Wood Termites, Subterranean Termites, etc.) Although there are many different parameters of Termite treatment costs and what goes into the estimate, the largest factor in pricing is nearly always the size of the home. Contact us today to schedule an inspection and pricing.


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