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Aside from nightmares and Freddy Krueger attacking you in your dreams, what haunts you at night? Is it your bills stacking up, getting fired from your job, or is it bugs feeding on your blood? Or is it all of them? Although these examples are very extreme, Bed Bugs do in fact feed on Human blood. For those of you out there who don’t know what Bed Bugs are, let us break it down for you.

Bed Bugs are small red creatures, about the size of Apple seeds, which hide under your mattress, box springs, in your walls, and even in your pipes. Bed Bugs are commonly associated with beds, hence the name, but are capable of inhabiting even the most obscure of places. Knowing this, Bed Bug removal is now more important than ever.

Now that we understand what Bed Bugs are, let’s talk about where they come from. Bed Bugs come from a number of different countries, yet arise in many domestic homes and apartments around the U.S. The most common way for Bed Bugs to travel to your home or property is from a neighboring location. This is extremely common in apartment and condominium homes. Due to incredibly close quarters, Bed Bugs are able to travel through walls, pipes, and any other openings that provide hidden space for pesky bugs to travel. If you live in a home or larger living space you have greater chances to evade Bed Bugs but you are still not completely safe. Bed Bug removal is growing more important for property owners each year simply because unlike renters, Bed Bugs are your problem as the landlord; not simply as a tenant.

Bed Bugs Removal: How to Spot, Treat, and Recover From Bed Bugs

Now that we know what Bed Bugs are and where they come from, let us briefly discuss how to spot them, what potential damage they cause, and how we are the best professionals for the job! Bed Bugs are without a doubt a nuisance. Although they are an annoyance, they are a problem that is very easy to spot. The first sign that you have Bed Bugs will be noticing skin irritation all over your body. Another indicator might be finding small, dry blood spots on your sheets or pillows with little smashed bugs underneath. That second indicator might be easier to see, but you get the idea. Bed Bug removal, as we stated before, is incredibly important, but also can be very extensive.

If you happen to spot an issue, but do not act quickly, Bed Bugs are able to hide under numerous objects in your home and wait to come out. Bed Bugs hide under objects are come out only at night to feed. When you are the one for dinner, it’s not a pretty thought is it? Bed Bugs removal is a very extensive process but when taken care of in a timely manner, can be somewhat simple. There are three main steps to maintaining and eradicating all traces of a Bed Bug infestation. First step is containing the problem and detecting any other locations they might be hiding. Second, a spray much like rubbing alcohol is sprayed on the insects, causing them to paralyze. After this is done, the final step is to sanitize each and every object that was touched by the insects. If there is any residue of the pests, the Bed Bugs removal was nearly a waste. It is imperative to destroy any and all traces of the little creatures and this is done every time by our trained professionals!

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