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Did you know, if the world’s population of Bee’s suddenly died, life on earth would be gone in 4 years?! This is not simply an urban myth, this is a fact. The reason that this is so is because Bees cross pollinate. Bees carry pollen and transfer it from flower to flower. When pollen is transferred from one plant to another of the same species, it becomes possible for the blossom to produce fruit or vegetables.

Although Bees have immense beauty and sustain the life of plants on earth, they are still as pesky as they come! As your Bee removal Phoenix professionals, let’s discuss some of your concerns. We strive to relocate Bees and Beehives whenever possible.

When a home is invaded with Bees, nothing else seems to matter. A leaky faucet, broken window, or even a broken dishwasher; none of these problems even come close to the burden that is brought on by Bees invading a home. Not only can we safely remove these pests, but we can ensure that they do not come back as a result of our thorough process. To give you a better idea of how we do this, I will briefly walk you through the removal process.

To initiate the removal process, obviously, we have to find where they are first! Commonly, people will spot a few Bees around their window or near an elevated crevice outside their home. Although it might be easy to spot a few flying insects, or even to spot the beehive itself, not all scenarios play out like this. We often find that the infestation is in fact inside the walls of the home and in that case, we need to take a little more precaution when practicing safe Bee removal.

Once we spot the infestation and define where they are nestled, we can start to treat the problem. In some cases, much like if the infestation is inside the walls of the home, we may be required to drill one or a few small holes inside the home to verify our findings. This is to ensure we get to the heart of the problem and remove them at the source. Chances are, if we don’t find the crux of the hive, the queen Bee escapes and they will certainly find their way back. If this happens, Bee removal Phoenix becomes an even larger problem for you and your family.

After we find the infestation and have confirmed the origin of the problem, it’s now time to get down to business! Much like we mentioned before, if the hive is in a “barricaded” location or is hidden inside the home, it is not possible to exterminate the Bees unless a void is cut to open to gain access to the infestation. Even though this might be scary, if you spot a problem, call the professionals immediately! A timely call to the pros will make sure that your Bee removal Phoenix estimate will be the lowest possible!

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