Olive Tree Spraying

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It’s that time of year again. Seasonal Olive tree spraying is a must-have service for anyone looking to avoid the mess caused by budding flowers. Olives eventually litter the yard and create a clean-up nightmare . If you suffer from allergies to pollen, tree spraying helps to prevent flower growth.

When Olives ripen, they drop to ground creating the potential for staining clothes and carpet as olives are often stepped on and dragged as such.

Olive tree spraying is a seasonal service typically provided between January and April. If not taken care of urgently, the trees will blossom and excessive pollen will be produced, so don’t wait!!

What products are used for Olive tree spraying?

Ambassador Pest Control, Ltd. uses a product called MAINTAIN that limits the amount of buds that go to fruition to produce Olives and limit the buds which can result in irritation from allergies. Allergy symptoms are caused by the pollen that comes from the budding buds. Tree spraying helps to stunt the growth of buds and thus reduce pollen and allergies. Our professional experience in Olive tree spraying ensure that the job gets taken care. Ambassador Pest Control, Ltd. is licensed and has over 40 years of experience of handling the specialized sprays.


If Olive trees are already mature, we recommend thinning your trees out before spraying. Thinning needs to be finished at least 4-6 weeks before spraying so that the tree has time to heal before product can be applied. Also, thinning out of the tree will not prevent blooming, but takes weight off of the tree. The optimum time to schedule a tree spraying is after thinning and healing. This will ensure maximum effectiveness.

Schedule an appointment with Ambassador Pest Control, Ltd. today to take care of your tree spraying needs. Service is seasonal so be sure to call in advance – (602) 544-0515. We also offer seasonal weed control services as well.

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