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We often are asked, “What is your least favorite pest to control”? Each and every time we get this question, it is an easy answer; Roaches! We have cleared out pests of all shapes and sizes yet still the ones that are the most irritating are Roaches. Roaches come from even the most obscure of crevices in your home and seem to never leave until they are removed with brute force.

Everyone experiences Roaches differently. Some see them as delicacies (Thailand, Ghana, and Mexico) and some see them as nothing more than a nuisance. We understand that you feel as we do, so we take pride in reaching for Roach control and coming as close to Roach extermination as technology permits.

What was meant by that last sentence is that Roach extermination is in fact completely impossible. It is a concrete fact that even with a nuclear blast, roaches cannot be completely irradiated; ever. The reason for this is simply their compact size, incredible numbers, and slower cell cycles. Although Roaches will be here long after human beings, we can assure you that after our inspection and removal, you will not experience the pests again! When you pay for a service it is only fair that you get what you pay for.

Roach Extermination and Control

When homeowners spot a Roach infestation, it is important to take the necessary precautions as soon as possible. The first thing you should do short of stomping any Roaches on the ground is call the professionals! If a Roach problem is not taken care of in a timely manner, the damage can be incredible. After hearing this, what if we told you that Roaches actually cause zero property damage? The damage that they cause is more psychological than anything. Roaches are such a problem simply because they multiply exponentially if not taken care of right away. Even though they don’t cost you a dime, how much stress would two thousand Roaches in your attic cause you? This makes Roach control sound like a utopia at this point!

Now that you understand how important Roach control is, we now want to leave you with a few ways homeowners might be able to prevent infestations. One thing that people often mistakenly attribute to acquiring Roaches is old food or trash. Roaches are actually attracted to water. They are able to live a month without food but simply a week without water. After hearing this, if you spot a leak in your home or water damage of any kind, call the professionals! The last thing that we want to share with you is that Roaches don’t just come out in dirty homes! They are notorious for inhabiting cleaner homes due to wider space and more opportunity for water. So if you have a dirty home, sparkling mansion, or anything in between, it is important to always look for signs of Roaches and especially look for water damage! If you see anything that is a cause for concern, you know who to call!

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