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Ambassador Pest Control, Ltd. has been servicing the Valley for over 40 years, keeping you safe from those pesky bugs that haunt you in the night. We pride ourselves on being the go-to pest control Phoenix professionals. Our quality service, competitive prices, and availability set us apart from the competition. Call us today at (602) 544-0515 for a free estimate.

If you have lived in the Valley for some time, then you probably know what types of bugs and pests are prevalent. We specialize in not only removing, but preventing the return of pesky pests. Our job is to restore peace of mind for Valley homeowners.

Most of us have awoken to a Scorpion on the kitchen floor; after all, we live in a desert! We take pride in providing Scorpion control, rodent control, Roach control, and a plethora of other services that enable you to sleep well at night. At Ambassador Pest Control, Ltd. we use industry safe products that not only remove but prevent pests from entering your home. Our dedicated team of professionals are timely, honesty, and well-trained. With over 40 years of quality service, we have a wealth of knowledge and experience to deal with any and all issues.

As your pest control Phoenix specialists, we provide you with the necessary tools to better understand the cause of your problems before we come to the job site. This not only allows you to have a better idea of what services we are providing, but it also lets you see the quality of our work and the depth of our process. We have created a Pest Guide that provides detailed information regarding individual pests. Of course we provide free inspections that help us determine the type(s) of pests that inhabit the space, and, we give you the opportunity to search for what type of problem you are faced with and learn what potential damage they can eventually cause.

Often times once bugs, insects, and rodents are found, people often wait to correct the problem because they are either unaware of the price to withdraw them or they are simply too busy to deal with the issue at hand. At Ambassador Pest Control, Ltd. we encourage homeowners to follow up immediately and to not hesitate when they first spot an issue. Procrastination will lead to an increased issue, making the potential damage of the unwanted guests skyrocket in the end. Our inspections are always free and we will not leave until you understand what the problem is and exactly how we intend to correct it. If you are looking for one-stop pest control Phoenix professionals, we would be honored to be the company that earns your business. Please contact Ambassador Pest Control for all of your pest control Phoenix needs.

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